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Engineered Wood Flooring

If you have heard the term “engineered wood” you may not have realized it also goes by the name composite wood, man-made wood, or even manufactured board. Engineered wood is a type of flooring that is made of genuine wood with the center being hardwood, high density fiberboard, or plywood and a layer of hardwood veneer attached to the top part of the surface. Because of these core layers you get an end product with a lot of features that can make this a great option for your home.

One great feature of engineered wood is that it has much more stability than regular hardwood. The expanding and contracting reaction you get due to temperature and humidity changes in your home that causes regular hardwood flooring to buckle, cup, and crown will not usually be a factor. You can install this type of flooring in any level below the ground floor such as a finished basement whereas hardwood flooring cannot be installed below ground level. While it is not usually a good idea to install any type of wood flooring in areas where there is a lot of moisture, this is definitely one to look into for below ground installation where the moisture content is under control.

Another feature with this type of flooring is it is less expensive overall. While installation for hardwood flooring can get very expensive, not so with engineered wood. And unlink vinyl planks which do not add much to the value of your home, engineered wood floors add a greater amount to the overall value of your home while adding warmth and character. It also can be sanded and refinished a few times over its lifespan. The exact number of times can be determined by the quality of the flooring purchased. And if your lifestyle doesn’t allow you to keep up the daily maintenance of a regular hardwood floor, you will be happy to know that engineered flooring is very low maintenance.

There are so many options in flooring that one thing you can do to put your mind at ease is to contact the professionals at Dave’s Floor Sanding & Installation, Inc. We know all the latest flooring options and will work with you to give you the flooring that you desire for your home that meets the needs of your family AND your budget. We will take the time to answer all of your questions and give you a written price quote that will not change in the middle of the work. You will never have to feel you’re not sure as we will keep you updated all along the way. Talk to one of our experienced flooring contractors today, and let them put your mind at ease!

Winter Hardwood Flooring Problems: Salt on Hardwood, Melted ice on Hardwood

Winters in some parts of the country can be extremely long and harsh. Salt, melted ice and snow along with changes in the humidity levels of your home can all cause damage to your hardwood flooring. Salt and dirt that is not immediately cleaned up may cause scratches in your floor’s finish. Melted ice and snow puddles and damp rugs in front of entryways can leave stains and discoloration. Improperly maintained humidity levels can cause your flooring to cup, buckle, or crown. You may even see gaps, cracks or mold in the wood itself. Damage to your flooring that is left unattended cannot only cause it to lose its beauty and durability but also take years off its lifespan.

Sometimes damage can even be caused by a source that is outside or underneath your home. These sources need to be addressed and are not always easy to pinpoint. Water, especially, can flow inside your walls on pipes and boards without leaving a visible mark on your walls or flooring. You may have damage on one side of your home but the water could be leaking through ceiling or even the opposite end your house. Pinpointing the problem area can not only be time consuming but also costly.

If you have any of these issues or a combination of them, it is important that you have your flooring inspected by trained professionals, like the ones at Dave’s Floor Sanding & Installation, Inc. We will do an assessment and determine the extent of the damage and the repairs that need to be made. We will discuss every step of the way and offer options that meet the needs of you and your family as well as your budget. Our expert flooring contractors are trained in product and machinery and fully understand what it takes to get the job done to your satisfaction, which is our #1 priority. Allow us to do the work to make sure your flooring holds up for many years to come, even in the harshest of winters.

Hardwood Floor Install on New and Existing Floors

In considering your home’s look and feel, hardwood flooring is a wonderful addition. Not only is it beautiful and durable, it adds warmth and charm to any room of your home. Updating your home with hardwood flooring can also add thousands of dollars to your home’s value. However, in thinking of the character you want each room to have, the options available to you can be overwhelming.

The foot traffic in your home, your pets, and furniture all need to be considered as each will factor into the daily wear and tear on your flooring. Another factor to look into is the hardness of the wood. For example, mahogany is a very durable wood for a busy home while giving you an elegance you may desire. Walnut and maple are both woods that are durable, with maple complementing and not competing with the style of your room. Pine is a softer wood with lots of personality. Oak is known for its durability and is one of the most popular of all wood flooring. It’s a great option in any room of your home adding a warmth and beauty.

There are not many options of wood available and many options of finishes. There are even floor patterns that are available. Our team of flooring specialists at Dave’s Floor Sanding & Installation, Inc. can assist you with the many options available on the market today. We will take the time to discuss each of them with you and help you to choose the one that best suits you and your family’s needs. We have the best warranties available for our customers along with some of the best flooring contractors who have the knowledge and the field experience to give you a beautiful hardwood flooring that you can sit back and enjoy for many years.

Hardwood Refinishing

Our life can be so busy with its daily comings and goings. Foot traffic, pets, moving furniture, spills, messes, etc. all add up and over time take a toll on your hardwood flooring causing it to look damaged, dull, and less than new. Taking a good look you may even have noticed some staining or places where the boards have begun to pull away. One of the worst things you can do is ignore the problem as this will not go away but only create more of an issue and be costlier down the road. But don’t start looking into replacing your flooring just yet, not all damage or discoloration means your flooring can’t be fixed. Often times refinishing your hardwood floor can get it back to looking shiny and new again.

Our qualified, experienced flooring contractors can come to your home, do an inspection, and give you a written estimate. A little fix here and a refinishing there may be just what is necessary to bring the life back into your hardwood flooring once again. Because we care about our customers we will take the time to discuss every step from beginning to the final clean-up. Our company has been in this business for over 35 years. We have the equipment and the know-how to tackle any hardwood flooring project. Bring your concerns and your ideas and allow Dave’s Floor Sanding & Installation, Inc. the opportunity to make your hardwood flooring come alive once again.

Hardwood Floor Buff and Coat

If you have ever heard the term "screen and recoat" or "buff and coat" (which are actually the same thing), then you may know why this procedure is so vitally important to the life and vitality of your hardwood flooring and to your pocketbook.

Everything needs maintenance over its lifetime to keep it in tip top shape and doing its job. Your vehicles, your roofing, your yard, even your hardwood flooring needs maintenance and part of its regular program should be a buff and coat.

Polyurethane is a coating for your hardwood flooring that helps to protect it from the elements. However, over time that coating is removed by day to day wear and tear. Scratches signal a loss of coating and therefore a loss of protection. The longer you wait to take care of the situation, dirt, grim, and water can be damaging your hardwood flooring requiring more work and money than you first imagined to get it back to its original beauty. Just like a vehicle, if you would go to the mechanic when you first hear the brakes squeal, it can cost you around $100. Unlike if you ignore the noise, wait, and then go when you hear the grinding, we are talking hundreds of dollars as you are repairing more than just the original issue. This is why regular maintenance is a must to keep your hardwood flooring not only looking beautiful but functioning its best for you and your family.

Remember that the protective coating of polyurethane does wear off over time. Why not let the experienced flooring experts at Dave’s Floor Sanding & Installation, Inc. help keep your hardwood flooring protected before what could be a simple recoat turns into something much more.