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Hardwood Flooring: Maple (Acer)

Many times finding the right flooring that works with your home’s style can be a challenge.  Matching furniture patterns and colors, cabinet colors, lighting, etc. all need to be taken into account.  If you are looking for a subtle flooring that allows your décor to take center stage you may want to consider maple hardwood flooring.

Maple wood is found in the northern areas of North America and Canada and is rather pale with varying shades of brown and black throughout.  Some maple flooring contains graining known as "birdseye" which is a pattern of small marks resembling tiny eyes and is common in hard maple.  Hard maple is the hardest of all maple varieties found in North America.  It has an even, straight grain and a natural strength and durability which is why it is a great choice for hardwood flooring in high traffic areas.

Due to the fact that wood is a natural material your hardwood floors will go through an aging process which changes the wood’s color over time.  This can be a wonderfully unique process that gives your home additional character.  Maple tends to grow more yellow overtime which you need to consider when looking at this flooring.  Staining your maple flooring a darker color is not recommended as it is almost a completely non-porous wood, therefore it can’t absorb dark stains properly and can appear blotchy.  However, if you are looking for something that can hold up under the day to day comings and goings of family life or you want your décor to shine, maple hardwood may be just the floor for you.

Choosing the right hardwood flooring for your home can be challenging for any home owner.  Let the professionals at Dave’s Floor Sanding help guide you through the process of choosing and installing a new hardwood floor that will fit your home’s style and be something worth showing off to your guests.

Hardwood Flooring: Mahogany (Swietenia)

You may be asking yourself what to look for when choosing a wood flooring.  Other than the look and color of the flooring, hardness should also be considered.  High foot traffic, heavy furniture, children and pets can definitely take its toll.  The hardness will dictate how drastically the beauty of your hardwood flooring will change with daily wear and tear.  Mahogany wood flooring is a popular choice due to its high hardness rating.

In looking over all hardwood flooring options Mahogany is the second most popular choice and one of the hardest woods you can find.  Santos Mahogany flooring is one of the most sought after of the exotic hardwoods in the entire world due to its exceptional strength and elegance.  Its colors vary from a luscious reddish brown to medium brownish orange to dark brown with even purples mixed in at times.  The tight grain adds to its visual appearance with displays of lovely ribbon patterns.  Within the first six months after installation you will also notice the most vivid changes beginning to occur due to sun exposure.  One thing that is amazing about exotic woods is that they become richer and more beautiful during this natural aging process.

Santos Mahogany flooring adds a warmth and balanced look when combined with dark wood or white accessories such as furniture, cabinets, shelving etc...  Due to its durability, this flooring can be placed in any room of your home without concern as it can withstand the daily wear and tear.  This same feature makes daily cleaning quick and easy as a simple vacuum or hardwood mop will keep your floors in pristine condition.

If you have a busy home yet desire elegance and durability at the same time which will complement traditional and modern décor alike, Santos Mahogany may be just the hardwood flooring for you and your home. Going through the process of choosing the best hardwood flooring can be tough.  Let the professionals at Dave’s Floor Sanding help guide you through the process of choosing and installing a new hardwood floor that will give your home the style you always wanted.

Hardwood Flooring: Decorative Options

In taking a step back and looking at your hardwood flooring as it intermingles with your décor, a possible option that can bring it all to the next level is the addition of hardwood flooring techniques and decorations.  While it is important for most of these to be done by professionals so that you get the exact look you desire, this is definitely something to be considered for adding a beautifully unique look to your home.

A couple of techniques that can be utilized are a "pickle" technique which makes the wood appear whitewashed or an "antiquing" of the floor which gives it an aged appearance.  There are also a few decorative options as well, borders being the most common.   This can be anything from a main area of flooring in one type of wood with a border using another type to elaborate designs and montages.  They are typically installed around fireplaces, entryways or any room you might want an eye-catching border.   Decorative inlays are accomplished using various types, colors and shapes of wood to make designs within the flooring.  They can be made in any shape depending on your décor and the look you are trying to accomplish.  The possibilities you can achieve are endless.  These inlays can actually be purchased separately or custom designed if you have something special in mind.  Another decorative option is a medallion.  Medallions, which you may have seen in high profile office buildings, are circular designs of hardwood inlay.  They can be used in large entryways, landings to set the tone of the home or in the center of your living area to give an upscale accent and focal point.  Again, these can be purchased pre-made or designed by you and your imagination.

While this isn't an inexpensive addition, it is something to consider as it will bring art directly into your home.  While many years ago these decorative options were only for the extremely rich, technological advances are making this more affordable and attainable to any homeowner.  Let the professionals at Dave’s Floor Sanding help answer your questions about flooring, decorative options and installation of a new hardwood floor you will be happy to enjoy and show off.

Hardwood Flooring: Cherry (Prunus)

When deciding on which hardwood flooring to choose for your home it is important to take your décor and home’s style into consideration.  A distinctive flooring that will stand out amongst your décor can give any home that ‘wow’ factor.  Cherry wood is a popular choice among many home owners that has this amazing feature.

Cherry wood is known for its durability and warm reddish brown colors with distinctive grain patterns.  As cherry wood ages it actually deepens in color which is why this wood is so popular.  It also takes on stain very easily due to its satiny, smooth texture and dries very evenly.  Both traditional and contemporary décors do beautifully with cherry wood because of its warmth and character.  Cleaning and maintenance are fairly easy with this material, and much like other hardwoods, merely needs a good consistent sweeping to pull up dirt and grit to keep potential scratches from occurring.  Direct sunlight can also have a negative effect as it causes the floor to lose its color and look bleached out.  This should not be a deal breaker though because all that is needed is a window covering to block out the direct light.

An exotic wood in the cherry wood family is Brazilian Cherry (aka Jatoba Brazilian Cherry).  This particular species is twice as hard as oak and after a few months begins to darken in its aging process.  These colors include rich shades of darkened honey red, crimson and burgundy with charcoal grey striping.  These qualities are what causes it to be such a sought after flooring in American homes.  Just a note that even though this is an extremely hard wood, care still needs to be taken to remove dirt and grit and keep pet nails trimmed so as not to scratch the beautiful finish.  

Cherry wood can add the warmth, beauty and a distinctive charm that you desire for your home.  Hardwood flooring in general is a great feature when reselling your home, so no matter which type of hardwood material you choose it is a good investment.  Let the professionals at Dave’s Floor Sanding help guide you through the process of choosing and installing a new hardwood floor that fits your home’s character and style to perfection.

Hardwood Flooring: Birch (Betula)

Are you looking for a unique yet durable hardwood floor that will stand the test of time?  Then birch hardwood may be the answer. Talk about a flooring option with character, hardness and durability!  Birch hardwood can be installed in the middle of any décor and be right at home.

While oak and maple floors are beautiful in their own right, they are not unique since many most homes have these floors installed. Birch, on the other hand is a wonderful alternative, as it gives you all the attributes that are a necessity to any flooring, one such important factor being hardness.  Depending on the variety, birch can be even harder than oak or maple, which allows your floors to withstand more wear and tear, such as being walked on by pets or moving furniture without the fear of scratches marring its beautiful look.  Each type of birch has its own color variations ranging from lights to darks, with mixtures of luscious dark reds to warm browns. These color variations gives each floor a unique look that you can’t get from any other flooring material.  While birch and maple do have many similarities the color variations found in the birch are what sets it apart from all others.  Another great advantage to birch wood flooring is the cost.  Compared to other hardwood flooring it comes in at lower to average pricing.

If you are looking for durability and beauty, along with uniqueness of character and price right in line with the widely used types of hardwood today, then take a look at birch hardwood flooring.  Deciding which flooring option is best for your home can be strenuous. Let the professionals at Dave’s Floor Sanding help guide you through the process of choosing and installing a new hardwood floor that will give the exact look which will perfectly match your home’s unique style and personality.