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Carpeting vs Hardwood Flooring

As a homeowner, flooring is one of the biggest decisions you will make.  Since you will have to live with this decision for many years, it is important to be informed and choose wisely.

Whichever flooring you are looking at, the amount of choices are vast.  While carpeting brings many choices with colors and styles, now there are more colors and varieties of woods to choose from.  It has been said that carpeting is less expensive than hardwood flooring, but in the long run, this is not the case.  Carpet, even with proper care and maintenance, needs to be replaced every ten to fifteen years.  By the end of that ten years it is usually worn out, stained, and outdated.  Hardwood flooring on the other hand, when maintained properly, can last for decades and in some cases for generations.  Hardwood flooring can be freshened up with refinishing to maintain its beauty and durability.  While it may be more of an investment up front, hardwood flooring adds a lasting value to your home that carpeting does not.  Even in the warranty category, carpeting usually has a ten year warranty whereas wood flooring carries a finish warranty from 25 to 30 years.  Some finish warranties are even allowed to be transferred to the next homeowner.

Another thing to consider in the carpet vs hardwood flooring debate is comfort.  While carpet may first come to mind, placing an area rug on your hardwood floor easily softens walking areas and adds a little touch of comfort.  Not only do area rugs add comfort, but they also add a sense of style to the room.  And unlike carpeting, area rugs can readily be changed just as often as you want to update a room’s look.

Another factor to consider is maintenance.  No matter how often you vacuum your carpet, you will still need to have it professionally cleaned at least once a year.  Carpets hold on to dirt, allergens, dead skin, hair, animal dander, etc. much more so than hardwood flooring which only requires sweeping to remove dust and dirt.  Carpets also show traffic areas that require a more frequent and thorough cleaning.  Spills, which in both cases need to be cleaned up quickly, are more easily cleaned on the hardwood floor as it does not hold the spill like carpeting which can stain.  It is also easier to spot things that have fallen onto the hardwood floor such as crumbs, spills, etc. so that they can be cleaned up.

Remember, this decision is something you will live with for many years and it is best to be informed about your options.  Let the professionals at Dave’s Floor Sanding answer your questions about hardwood flooring and the benefits that will add value and beauty to your home.

Refinishing Wood Floors

Fort Snelling Floor Restoration 2009

Whether you've just found hardwood flooring under your old carpeting or your existing hardwood floors are in need of some TLC, refinishing your floors may just be the way to go. Hardwood floors increase the value of your home and don’t necessarily cost more than replacing or adding new carpet. It is important to consider all of your options before making a decision.

The first thing that will need to be done is an inspection of the wood floor for any damages, such as dried paint, holes in the wood, water damage, squeaky boards, etc…. Most damages can be fixed by sanding, replacing, or securing the wood planks; however, doing this requires careful preparation and an understanding of the wood types and grains. For instance, if you need to replace a few planks, mixing a maple wood with mahogany wood might not be the best choice because of the difference in color, hardness, and grain. If you do find a lot of damage, it’s always a good idea to have a professional come in and assess the situation. A good hardwood floor contractor might be able to repair those damages, potentially saving you money in the long run.

One of the other things you’ll need to do is decide how you want to finish the wood floor. There are several choices for this, which mainly involve the use of either polyurethane sealers or stain. If you want to enjoy the natural look of your wood floors, polyurethanes are the best choice. This brings out the natural colors of the wood floor, while sealing it to protect its beauty from wear and tear. There are two types to choose from, water based and oil based. Water based polyurethanes are more costly but much easier to clean up, can be recoated in only a few hours, mild in smell, and keep the wood’s soft natural look. Oil based polyurethanes are cheaper but are stronger in smell and take longer to dry between coats; however, they also give your floors a gentle glow, which causes them to stand out a lot more than water based polyurethanes. Stain, on the other hand, allows you to decide what color your wood will be so that you can better match your room’s desired ‘look’, though this also takes time to dry in between coats and is strong smelling.

Refinishing your floors may seem a bit overwhelming at first, but remember, wood floors only increase the value of your home. The professionals at Dave’s Floor Sanding can help guide you through this process of refinishing your hardwood floors, from the ripping out of your old carpets to the sealing of your beautiful new hardwood floors. In the end, you’ll be left with great looking flooring that you will be able to enjoy.

Why is hardwood flooring popular?

Many factors make hardwood flooring a popular choice. Hardwood floors are beautiful and unique; no two are exactly the same. Compared to carpeting, which needs to be replaced every 10 years or so, hardwood flooring is easy to keep free of dust, allergens, dirt and stains. And if your hardwood flooring does get damaged, it is easier to repair than a cracked or damaged tile floor. Damaged tiles require matching both the tile and the grout, which can be challenging to find. A hardwood floor can be replaced strip by strip and then sanded, stained and finished to match the existing floor. And while a composite wood laminate may look great at first, it does not have the same feel or durability as natural hardwood strips; it will wear out much quicker and requires replacement vs repair. The Dave's Floor Sanding Team is available to answer any questions you may have regarding the care and preservation of your hardwood floors.

Is hardwood flooring a good investment?

In short, the answer is absolutely yes. We understand that purchasing quality hardwood flooring can be a large initial investment for your home, but when properly installed and maintained, hardwood flooring will increase the value of your home. Home re-modelers, buyers, and builders often choose hardwood over other floor covering choices, including: ceramic tile, laminate, concrete, carpet, or vinyl flooring. Hardwood flooring’s natural durability, flexibility and versatility make it the flooring of choice. Don’t be intimidated by hardwood flooring prices; the longevity of this floor covering option makes it more than worth the cost. Be sure to consult the professionals at Dave’s Floor Sanding when starting your flooring purchase process. We will ensure that you get the advice you need every step of the way.

Hardwood Flooring in Minnesota: Choosing the right flooring

In Minnesota we enjoy the luxury of all the seasons including winter which can cause floor gaps otherwise known as "Hardwood Floor Cracks". Thankfully several good solutions to this problem exist. 

Choosing the wood flooring:

Many "Engineered Flooring" manufacturers will void the warranties if the RH range goes beyond the 35 to 55 range so choosing quality hardwood flooring becomes the best solution in states like Minnesota where the relative humidity can have extreme variance regardless of household climate control systems. 

Controlling moisture levels:

Regardless of the flooring you choose keeping your home around the same moisture levels all year around can help prevent gaps and squeaks in many susceptible hardwoods.

Size matters:

2½" hardwood floor planks will shrink half as much as 5" hardwood floor planks, thus the gaps between each plank will be less in the narrower planks. 

The right hardwoods:

Some hardwoods have a better resistance to humidity changes and will shrink less than others so finding the right look and balancing it with the proper hardwood for your home can be a daunting task. The team at Dave's Floor Sanding can help guide you through the process of finding the right flooring for your home. 

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