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Spring Floor Care: Dents and Dings

Spring, for many people, brings thoughts of spring cleaning.  Some even go so far as to give each room a fresh makeover by not only deep cleaning but by rearranging the furniture.  As you dive into the task at hand and move pieces of furniture you may notice something that makes you want to put it right back where it came from….the dent.

Furniture can be rough on hardwood floors.  Most damage does occur when furniture is pushed or dragged across the room.  Plopping down on the sofa or easy chair every night causes the protective finish on your flooring to wear off which can then lead to scratches, dents, and dings in the wood itself.  Adding to that high traffic areas, heavy pots and pans or dishes falling off the counter, and life in general, damage can and will occur, but you don’t have to live with it.

While the first thought may be simply leaving any damage done to your flooring for a later time or putting a rug over it, this will not take care of the problem and can actually do more damage if not taken care of properly with the right product and equipment.  To preserve the beauty and durability of your flooring and to extend its life expectancy it is always best to take care of problems as soon as they occur.  But if you have found some hidden issues, you don’t have to live with them.

Our experienced flooring contractors at Dave’s Floor Sanding have been repairing, installing, and refinishing hardwood flooring for residential homes and commercial buildings for over 35 years.  We have the knowledge and the up-to-date equipment to get the job done effectively and efficiently so you and your budget are satisfied.

Allow our expert flooring contractors at Dave’s Floor Sanding to give your hardwood flooring a makeover this spring so both your flooring and your furniture can work beautifully together once again!

Spring Floor Care: Winter take a toll on your hardwood? Dave’s Floor Sanding Has the Answer

The minute the warm weather of spring enters the picture our thoughts turn to cleaning as the house has been closed up all winter long.  We think about washing the curtains, wiping down the walls, and cleaning the windows (inside and out).  But does spring bring thoughts to you about your hardwood flooring?

There are so many factors that contribute to the demise of your hardwood floor.  Winter salt, melted ice and snow along with humidity changes in your home all can add up to causing your flooring to not only lose its luster and durability but can take years off of its life expectancy.

Our team at Dave’s Floor Sanding want to help you care for your wood floors so they can maintain the beauty you envisioned for your home.  We understand that our job is not just the physical task, but it is also in educating you about the project from beginning to end.  Detailed, written price quotes are done in every job, and you can be assured they will not change in the middle of the work.  From our customer service representatives to our flooring contractors, we know exactly what needs to be done and use the correct equipment to do it.  In using products and equipment we follow manufacturer’s guidelines every time so you get exactly the outcome you are expecting from them.

Whether it is a new flooring installation, a few minor repairs, or a complete job of refinishing, big or small, we treat you, your family, and your home with the respect it deserves.  While you do the rest of the home’s spring cleaning, allow us to take care of your hardwood flooring needs so you can cross that one off of your list.

Spring Floor Care: Pets and Your Hardwood Flooring

Winters in Minnesota can get very long, so when spring enters the picture you can almost guarantee your hardwood flooring needs a little help to get back into shape.  

If you take a look at high traffic areas you may notice damage, not only due to the high foot traffic, but what comes along with those feet – salt, dirt, mud, water and snow that turns to water, and overall grime.  While the adults and children can be taught what to do with boots, shoes, wet clothing, etc., your pets are another story.  They may have brought in snow and ice on their paws in the winter and in the spring another enemy to your flooring is added, and that is mud.  If not taken care of immediately these elements can do damage to the staining and can even act as an abrasive, damaging the finish and luster of your flooring.  And the longer you put off taking action, the more it will cost you down the road as the damage spreads to other portions of the flooring and down into the sub-flooring.  

But wait!  Don’t allow these issues to cause you to walk away and shut the door.  Ignoring it won’t make it better or cause it to go away.  It may not be as big of a job as you are imagining, so why not allow the experienced refinishing specialists at Dave’s Floor Sanding tackle the job for you.  With over 35 years in business we know how best to tackle even the most difficult hardwood flooring project.  Our experts can work with you to determine the best option for your home and your budget.  We’ll help direct you with the best outcome for the needs of your flooring, your family, your finances, and your four-legged friends.

Spring Floor Care: Maintaining Your Floor’s Finish after the long winter.

After a long winter and everything that brings into your home, spring is a wonderful time to revive your hardwood flooring and give it that much needed lift!  If you have been putting it off, don’t wait another second.  Leaving maintenance on your flooring go one more year or even one more season can be doing more damage that will not only cost you more money but can compromise the beauty and worth of your flooring.

How often you need to maintenance your hardwood flooring really depends on the type and finish you have as each style of wood floor has its own requirements.  Some wood flooring is meant to have that aged look so you may allow more time to go by before you even consider having your floors refinished.  Many of the other types of flooring require you to do maintenance on them fairly regularly.   And with some of the thinner flooring's being mass produced today, sanding them prior to refinishing would actually destroy them.  You will also need to take a look at the finish on your floor.  Not all floors are sealed alike.  Some of the finishes are very difficult to touch up and require sanding which means special equipment, knowledge, and time.

Why not let the professionals at Dave’s Floor Sanding take the guesswork out of this task for you.  We have refinished and installed hardwood floors in thousands of homes and commercial facilities in the Minnesota area for over 35 years.  We have the experience, the equipment, and the know-how to tackle any hardwood flooring project.  Since spring is a time of renewal, allow our team to give your hardwood floors a refreshing which can increase the life, durability, and worth of the floors throughout your home.

Spring Floor Care: Cupping, Buckling, and Crowning

With the end of winter comes the beauty of spring and with that, spring cleaning.  If you have been diligent throughout the long winter months and maintained your hardwood flooring, there really won’t be much to do in that respect.  Unfortunately, many of us are so busy on a daily basis that it’s hard to keep up with everything else, let alone maintenance of our hardwood flooring.  If not taken care of as it happens day to day, adding to that the snow and ice of winter, can take a toll on your flooring. 

While you may notice the effects of winter with its water and moisture on other parts of your home that are made of wood, such as your doors and windows, you may not have taken time to consider that your hardwood flooring, being made from wood as well, reacts to the humidity and moisture in the same way your doors and windows do, such as swelling with excess moisture or cracking and shrinking with excess dryness.  Any problems that this creates to your flooring such as cupping, crowning, or buckling, needs to be taken care of as soon as possible, and spring is a great time to have this fixed.  If left for “later” this could cause further damage to not only your flooring but your sub-flooring as well.  And further damage costs you more money in repairs.  The best way to know exactly what will get your floors ready for the spring and summer months is to contact a reputable hardwood flooring expert.

Our knowledgeable flooring contractors at Dave’s Floor Sanding have the experience necessary to come into your home and make an assessment of the situation.  They have all the equipment necessary to make any repair or take care of any problem area so you don’t have to take the time and energy to rent the equipment to get the job done.  Allow our contractors to do the job for you while you enjoy the beautiful spring weather with your family.  We will do what is necessary to make your floors forget the long winter and be ready for warmer days.