Floor Refinishing

Equipment and materials for hardwood floor refinishing

DIY or hire a professional to refinish your hardwood floors?

If you are going to complete a professional hardwood refinish job, you will need to have all the necessary equipment. There is a decent list of material you will need. Some of these materials are everyday materials that you can find in any store that deals with carpentry or flooring equipment. Let’s get right into it.

  1. Stripping Agents If your flooring has a particularly thick finish or many layers of paint, you may want to start the process by stripping the hardwood floor.
  2. Sanders To smooth your hardwood floors and remove old finish, you will need some sanders. You will need both an orbital sander for the main area and a smaller sander for edges and corners. An orbital sander can usually be rented. Although this sander is very powerful, it is not what professionals commonly use. Professionals often employ a drum sander that requires skill and perfection, as this type of sander can cause very severe damage if used by an untrained person. The small sander will be required to reach the spots that the orbital sander cannot reach. An alternative, albeit not recommended, would be to use your hands, but it would be very time consuming. 
  3. A Shop Vacuum Whether or not you’re dust sensitive, we’d recommend buying some dust masks and goggles. In addition to that, you will need a vacuum to clean up the dirt and sawdust remnants. Steer clear of water-based or cyclone vacuums. These types of vacuums are prone to clogging and breaking when dealing with wood and other leftover materials. Go to a hardware or home improvement store and get something non-fancy but efficient.
  4. Sandpapers Be sure to use high quality sandpaper. Good quality sandpaper will last longer and do a better job refinishing your floors.
  5. Wipe-on stains and finishes If you’re going to DIY, wipe-on products, gel topcoats, and gel stains are very easy to use and keep you from dealing with the headaches of drips, sags, brush strokes and longer wetness that are all characteristic to brush-on products.
  6. Rags You will need rags for wiping the stains and finishes on. You can use something you have at home as long as it is neat and lint-free. Look out for sharp objects, buttons and zippers on the surface to make sure you don’t do any damage to the surface of your finish.
  7. Other regular equipment Tarps and painters tape will help to keep the dust generated from the sanders contained. You will need some paint rollers or small brushes to apply the new finish. A pry bar or putty knife may come in handy if you have some repairs to make; just make sure you buy wood putty that matches.

Hardwood floor refinishing preparation

DIY or hire a professional to refinish your hardwood floors?

Whether you plan to DIY or hire a professional to refinish your hardwood floor, it’s important to prepare your floor and your home for the process. If you have other construction work going on in your home, it’s best to save your floor work for last. You should also note that in times of higher humidity, such as rainy periods, the increased moisture can compromise the work and a professional is strongly advised.

To begin, you will want clear the floor of all rugs, furniture, and other items. Anything else that needs to be protected from debris and dust should be removed or wrapped. The doors, outlets, and vents should be sealed to prevent dust from spreading.

Once the floor is cleared, it should be checked for any nails or sharp objects. If a carpet has been recently removed, double check for any carpet tacks or staples that may remain. Any sharp objects on the floor will damage the sandpaper and sander. If there are any nails, try to get them out without damaging the floor or tap them below the surface. Look for any gaps and cracks in the floor and try to fill them before starting to ensure a uniform consistency. Remove any severely damaged flooring and thoroughly sweep or mop before beginning.

You will also need determine the new finish and decide how to remove the old one. Whether you opt to sand or strip the finish, ensure that the work area is well ventilated. If you decide to remove the finish with a stripping agent, confirm that it won’t cause damage to your floor. If your hardwood floor has been refinished a significant number of times or is aged, you are better off using the services of a professional to ensure that the integrity of the floor is maintained during the refinishing process. Ample preparation will also be required if glue needs to be removed from the hardwood flooring. Heat, adhesive removers, or stripping agents are likely options to be employed.

On a final note, floor refinishing and preparing your floor are a physically demanding tasks, and this should be given serious consideration when deciding if you want to DIY or hire professionals. If you are going to DIY, be sure to take the appropriate personal precautions during the process. Use protective gloves, clothing, eyewear, and breathing masks to ensure that you stay safe.

Hardwood Refinishing

Our life can be so busy with its daily comings and goings. Foot traffic, pets, moving furniture, spills, messes, etc. all add up and over time take a toll on your hardwood flooring causing it to look damaged, dull, and less than new. Taking a good look you may even have noticed some staining or places where the boards have begun to pull away. One of the worst things you can do is ignore the problem as this will not go away but only create more of an issue and be costlier down the road. But don’t start looking into replacing your flooring just yet, not all damage or discoloration means your flooring can’t be fixed. Often times refinishing your hardwood floor can get it back to looking shiny and new again.

Our qualified, experienced flooring contractors can come to your home, do an inspection, and give you a written estimate. A little fix here and a refinishing there may be just what is necessary to bring the life back into your hardwood flooring once again. Because we care about our customers we will take the time to discuss every step from beginning to the final clean-up. Our company has been in this business for over 35 years. We have the equipment and the know-how to tackle any hardwood flooring project. Bring your concerns and your ideas and allow Dave’s Floor Sanding & Installation, Inc. the opportunity to make your hardwood flooring come alive once again.

Floor Refinishing Contractors: Ham Lake, MN

Country living at its best can be found in the town of Ham Lake, Minnesota.  Ham Lake is located 25 miles north of Minneapolis which puts it conveniently in a place to have the best of both worlds – amenities of the big city and small town country living.  Golf tournaments, community outreaches to benefit the town’s many organizations, as well as “An Evening with Will Rogers” all give Ham Lake the community feel that everyone loves. You can come out to any of the fun community events and reconnect with neighbors you haven’t talked to in a while, gather with old friends or make some new ones.  It can all happen no matter where you go in the lovely town of Ham Lake, Minnesota.

While there are many people who work to make sure the community outreaches are fun and exciting for everyone, all these events take time and energy to accomplish.  Your hardwood flooring needs time and attention, as well, to make sure it continues to add beauty to your home.  To maintain the beauty of your flooring, it does requires daily maintenance of sweeping and mopping.  Walking on dust and dirt that has been left on your hardwood can cause scratches that if not taken care of can cause more damage and standing water can not only damage the wood, but it can impact that entire look of your home.

If you have noticed your hardwood flooring’s finish isn’t looking as bright as it used to, why not give the experienced professionals at Dave’s Floor Sanding a call.  Our floor refinishing contractors have decades of field experience and will be able to help you with any of your flooring needs.  Have a flooring project you’ve been considering, but you are not so sure which hardwood flooring will best suit your needs?  We would be happy to discuss it with you.  We have been helping to beautify homes in the Ham Lake and surrounding areas for over 35 years.  Let us do the work for you so you can go out and enjoy time with your family, friends and neighbors.

Floor Refinishing Contractors: Lake Elmo, MN

"Our Commitment to Community" is the motto of Lake Elmo, Minnesota, and it shows!  In addition to community activities such as the farmer’s market and recreational and youth sporting events, the city of Lake Elmo is also home to 18 parks.  Its park systems offers some of the best activities in the area which include horseback riding, cross-county skiing, picnicking, baseball, softball and soccer to name a few.  If relaxation is more to your liking the beauty and nature elements of their parks offer just what you need.  And following “Our Commitment to Community” motto, Lake Elmo recently received national recognition for excellence in financial reporting for its comprehensive annual financial report (CAFR).  This honor is the highest form of recognition in the field of governmental accounting and financial reporting.  Congratulations to the governmental management team of Lake Elmo!

While awards create a lasting impression on your hometown community, wood floor finishes can create a lasting impression on your home.  When selecting the right finish for your hardwood flooring it is important to take into consideration your lifestyle.  Selecting the exact finish for your family’s daily living can be the difference between your flooring still maintaining its rich look five years down the road or you trying to figure out “how did this happen?” With today’s modern technology, the right finish can protect your hardwood flooring from wear, dirt and moisture while giving your home a beauty and appeal with its color and luster.  And it doesn’t have to hurt your wallet either!

Our floor refinishing contractors have the experience, the equipment and the know-how to tackle any hardwood flooring project.  While servicing the Oak Grove community and the surrounding areas for over 35 years, we have refinished or installed hardwood floors in thousands of homes and commercial facilities.  Let us show you ways to enrich the beauty of your home with hardwood flooring options that you may not have even considered.  And like we said, “It doesn’t have to hurt your wallet!”