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Hardwood Refinishing

Our life can be so busy with its daily comings and goings. Foot traffic, pets, moving furniture, spills, messes, etc. all add up and over time take a toll on your hardwood flooring causing it to look damaged, dull, and less than new. Taking a good look you may even have noticed some staining or places where the boards have begun to pull away. One of the worst things you can do is ignore the problem as this will not go away but only create more of an issue and be costlier down the road. But don’t start looking into replacing your flooring just yet, not all damage or discoloration means your flooring can’t be fixed. Often times refinishing your hardwood floor can get it back to looking shiny and new again.

Our qualified, experienced flooring contractors can come to your home, do an inspection, and give you a written estimate. A little fix here and a refinishing there may be just what is necessary to bring the life back into your hardwood flooring once again. Because we care about our customers we will take the time to discuss every step from beginning to the final clean-up. Our company has been in this business for over 35 years. We have the equipment and the know-how to tackle any hardwood flooring project. Bring your concerns and your ideas and allow Dave’s Floor Sanding & Installation, Inc. the opportunity to make your hardwood flooring come alive once again.

Floor Refinishing Contractors: Ham Lake, MN

Country living at its best can be found in the town of Ham Lake, Minnesota.  Ham Lake is located 25 miles north of Minneapolis which puts it conveniently in a place to have the best of both worlds – amenities of the big city and small town country living.  Golf tournaments, community outreaches to benefit the town’s many organizations, as well as “An Evening with Will Rogers” all give Ham Lake the community feel that everyone loves. You can come out to any of the fun community events and reconnect with neighbors you haven’t talked to in a while, gather with old friends or make some new ones.  It can all happen no matter where you go in the lovely town of Ham Lake, Minnesota.

While there are many people who work to make sure the community outreaches are fun and exciting for everyone, all these events take time and energy to accomplish.  Your hardwood flooring needs time and attention, as well, to make sure it continues to add beauty to your home.  To maintain the beauty of your flooring, it does requires daily maintenance of sweeping and mopping.  Walking on dust and dirt that has been left on your hardwood can cause scratches that if not taken care of can cause more damage and standing water can not only damage the wood, but it can impact that entire look of your home.

If you have noticed your hardwood flooring’s finish isn’t looking as bright as it used to, why not give the experienced professionals at Dave’s Floor Sanding a call.  Our floor refinishing contractors have decades of field experience and will be able to help you with any of your flooring needs.  Have a flooring project you’ve been considering, but you are not so sure which hardwood flooring will best suit your needs?  We would be happy to discuss it with you.  We have been helping to beautify homes in the Ham Lake and surrounding areas for over 35 years.  Let us do the work for you so you can go out and enjoy time with your family, friends and neighbors.

Floor Refinishing Contractors: Lake Elmo, MN

"Our Commitment to Community" is the motto of Lake Elmo, Minnesota, and it shows!  In addition to community activities such as the farmer’s market and recreational and youth sporting events, the city of Lake Elmo is also home to 18 parks.  Its park systems offers some of the best activities in the area which include horseback riding, cross-county skiing, picnicking, baseball, softball and soccer to name a few.  If relaxation is more to your liking the beauty and nature elements of their parks offer just what you need.  And following “Our Commitment to Community” motto, Lake Elmo recently received national recognition for excellence in financial reporting for its comprehensive annual financial report (CAFR).  This honor is the highest form of recognition in the field of governmental accounting and financial reporting.  Congratulations to the governmental management team of Lake Elmo!

While awards create a lasting impression on your hometown community, wood floor finishes can create a lasting impression on your home.  When selecting the right finish for your hardwood flooring it is important to take into consideration your lifestyle.  Selecting the exact finish for your family’s daily living can be the difference between your flooring still maintaining its rich look five years down the road or you trying to figure out “how did this happen?” With today’s modern technology, the right finish can protect your hardwood flooring from wear, dirt and moisture while giving your home a beauty and appeal with its color and luster.  And it doesn’t have to hurt your wallet either!

Our floor refinishing contractors have the experience, the equipment and the know-how to tackle any hardwood flooring project.  While servicing the Oak Grove community and the surrounding areas for over 35 years, we have refinished or installed hardwood floors in thousands of homes and commercial facilities.  Let us show you ways to enrich the beauty of your home with hardwood flooring options that you may not have even considered.  And like we said, “It doesn’t have to hurt your wallet!”

Floor Refinishing Contractors: Afton, MN

In the town of Afton, Minnesota, located approximately 15 miles east of downtown St. Paul, lies the largest ski and snowboard area in the Twin Cities metropolitan area.  Not only can you ski and snowboard all season long at Afton Alps, but they have an18 hole golf course that allows you a beautiful view of the St. Croix River Valley.  While you wait for your partner to putt, you can watch the wildlife that are in the surrounding area as well.  Exceptional boating and fishing is available as well as an abundance of parks for having a picnic or playing on the swings.  If that doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, there are wonderful shops to see or maybe have a delightful lunch at one of the unique restaurants.  All this works together to make Afton an exciting place to live as well as a fun and relaxing get-away destination.

With life being so busy and all the comings and goings that occur in your home, you may have noticed your hardwood flooring is beginning to look a little dull.  Upon further inspection you may see some water stains or even boards that have begun to pull away in certain areas.  While this may not necessarily mean a complete flooring redo, it does mean your floors need a little TLC to get them back to their once beautiful condition.  Ignoring the problems is not the best solution as time not only creates more of an issue, but can be costlier as well.  

Having qualified, experienced flooring contractors like the ones at Dave’s Floor Sanding can help to put your mind at ease.  They can come and do an inspection of your hardwood flooring and give you options that you may not have even considered.  We have been servicing the Afton area for over 35 years and are ready to help you.  Let us show you how a little fix here and a little sanding there can help give your hardwood flooring beauty and durability for years to come.

Floor Refinishing Contractors: Hilltop, MN

"Little City with a Big Heart", that’s Hilltop, Minnesota’s motto to live by.  Only minutes away from the Twin Cities area, Hilltop manages to be part of a busy metropolitan area while still maintaining the feeling of a small town.  Holding true to their name and maintaining that community atmosphere, volunteers saw a need for a playground and took it upon themselves to build one.  The city aids their residents by offering free weekly recycling pick-ups.  Even new neighbors are shown community hospitality with a welcome summer picnic where they can meet all their neighbors.  Community leaders and residents alike all work together to show that Hilltop, Minnesota is rightly named "Little City with a Big Heart".

In close-knit communities people are usually more than willing to lend their neighbors a helping hand when they see a need.  However, if you have noticed your hardwood flooring has gone beyond needing just minor repairs, it might be time to call in a professional.  If you are beginning to see warping, sagging or split boards occurring, or you are noticing extensive water damage or wide-spread deep scratches in the wood, do not assume the problem will take care of itself. Not every flooring issue requires a full replacement, sometimes you may only need to have your floors refinished. Whatever the case, the way to know which option is the best for your home is to consult the opinion of a professional.   

The experts at Dave’s Floor Sanding can work with you to determine exactly what option is best for your home and for your wallet as well.  Not only do our customer service representatives have decades of actual field experience and can answer all your questions, but our floor refinishing specialists have been refinishing and installing hardwood flooring in thousands of homes in the Hilltop and surrounding areas for over 35 years.

If you just don’t know what would be best, give us a call.  We’ll help direct you for the best outcome for the needs of your family, your home and your finances.