Hardwood Floor Buff and Coat

If you have ever heard the term "screen and recoat" or "buff and coat" (which are actually the same thing), then you may know why this procedure is so vitally important to the life and vitality of your hardwood flooring and to your pocketbook.

Everything needs maintenance over its lifetime to keep it in tip top shape and doing its job. Your vehicles, your roofing, your yard, even your hardwood flooring needs maintenance and part of its regular program should be a buff and coat.

Polyurethane is a coating for your hardwood flooring that helps to protect it from the elements. However, over time that coating is removed by day to day wear and tear. Scratches signal a loss of coating and therefore a loss of protection. The longer you wait to take care of the situation, dirt, grim, and water can be damaging your hardwood flooring requiring more work and money than you first imagined to get it back to its original beauty. Just like a vehicle, if you would go to the mechanic when you first hear the brakes squeal, it can cost you around $100. Unlike if you ignore the noise, wait, and then go when you hear the grinding, we are talking hundreds of dollars as you are repairing more than just the original issue. This is why regular maintenance is a must to keep your hardwood flooring not only looking beautiful but functioning its best for you and your family.

Remember that the protective coating of polyurethane does wear off over time. Why not let the experienced flooring experts at Dave’s Floor Sanding & Installation, Inc. help keep your hardwood flooring protected before what could be a simple recoat turns into something much more.

Deck Sanding and Refinishing Contractor

Winter. Shovel blades scraping against the wood. Ice, snow, extreme wind chills. Heat extremes, humidity. All these things work against the wood on your outside deck. And regardless of the wood that your deck is made of, it requires maintenance, and there is no exception.

Your deck needs to be maintained about every two years unless, of course, you live in areas with extreme weather conditions. Maintaining your deck requires equipment such as a pressure washer, sander or chemicals, time, and elbow grease. Deciding which deck stain or paint to use is important as well. Different types of stains and paint help protect your deck’s wood from the damaging effects of the elements. It’s important to pick one that not only matches your home but also gives you the protection your deck needs.

Our knowledgeable experts at Dave’s Floor Sanding & Installation, Inc. have all the right equipment and know exactly what needs to be done to bring the life back into your deck and keep it protected no matter what the weather conditions are. We can make repairs and replace any broken or split supports. In addition, every precaution is taken to ensure that your siding and your plants are protected during the process.

With over 35 years in the business, we have a reputation for excellence. We will take the time to sit down with you and discuss not only your needs but the options that are available to you. Our goal is to give you a finished product that adds beauty to your home and yard so you can enjoy the days ahead!