Hardwood Floor Sanding

In thinking about sanding your hardwood flooring you may have thought, "That doesn’t seem too difficult. I can do this myself." Sanding your own hardwood flooring may seem like a less expensive choice but without the knowledge and experience of how to properly sand your floor, you may end up doing more harm than good to both your floor and pocketbook.

Sanding not only takes time but also requires you to take quite a few specific steps. Did you get the right equipment? Exactly which sander should I rent? What grade of sandpaper is the best? Do I need more than one grade as I have multiple issues on my floor? How many times do I need to sand….you mean I have to do it more than once? Can I ask my neighbor what he used even though our floors aren’t the same? Am I sanding aggressively enough or too aggressively? Am I doing further damage? These are just a few questions you might end up asking yourself.

Safety is another big ticket issue and not just your safety but the safety of your flooring. Should you sand without sweeping first or even choosing the wrong grade of sandpaper to use could cause costly damages to your hardwood floors. Using the equipment improperly or not letting the sealing sit for the proper amount of time could cause even more damage as well as a mess.

Why not hire a professional flooring contractor who not only has the knowledge and experience but has all the equipment as well? What could possibly take you days of try and retry, do and redo, can take a professional merely hours. Our team of experts at Dave’s Floor Sanding & Installation can do just that! We can do an inspection of your flooring and discuss with you the best course of action. We will also give you a written estimate. From beginning to end, we have the knowledge and the equipment to restore the life back into your hardwood flooring once again.

Hardwood Floor Splits (Cracks)

Photo by Nathanael Hevelone

Hardwood floors can be one of the most beautiful features of a home. However, when your hardwood begins to split, it can become both a hazard and an eyesore.  Thankfully, there are ways to repair any splits that occur and keep your hardwood floors beautiful, as well as ways to minimize the likelihood of more splits in the future.

Anytime your hardwood floors begin to split, moisture is a factor or in rare cases may be a sign of foundation or structural issues. It is important to remember that hardwood floors are made from a natural material that contracts and expands with the weather.  Too much or too little moisture in the room can cause a multitude of problems with your hardwood floors.  Acceptable moisture levels vary based on the wood installed, as well as where the installation occurred, and what time of year it was installed.  There are ways to prevent splits from occurring.  For example, during winter months it may be a good idea to run a humidifier in the rooms with splitting hardwood floors.  This could cause smaller splits to close up as well as keep more from occurring.  However, larger splits will still need to be repaired in order to protect the wood from further damage.

Many times, splits can be repaired without having to replace the entire board of wood.  One thing you will want to take a closer look at is the width of the splits themselves.  Typically, splits are about ⅛ to ¼ of an inch wide and can be filled with various sealers or putties to protect further damage.  This can be difficult to do without announcing the damage for all to see.  Matching the color of the filler to the color of your hardwood floors is tough.  Consult the professionals at Dave’s Floor Sanding to keep major hardwood splits and cracks from becoming eye catching.  We may suggest replacing a few boards to keep the same beautiful look that you had before.  Also, should you encounter any cracks that are much larger than the ¼ inches wide, you may want to seek additional professional assistance; these splits may be caused by something more structural rather than a moisture problem.

Remember, hardwood floors are a natural material that expand and contract with moisture levels; it is important to keep those levels even all year round.  Should you have any problems with your hardwood floors splitting, the professionals at Dave’s Floor Sanding can help you to repair your floors and preserve the beauty of your home.