Spring Floor Care

Spring Floor Care: Winter Salt, Dirt, and Mud Problems

Winters in Minnesota can be long and harsh.  There is day after day and month after month of cold temperatures, snow, and ice that brings with it salt, winter mud, and dirt that can do damage to your hardwood flooring.  So while spring brings with thoughts of cleaning, we also need to consider adding maintenance of our hardwood floors to that “to do” list.

You may not have even noticed during the winter how much damage was being done to your beautiful hardwood floors.  Salt and dirt not cleaned up right away may have left behind scratches that have gotten deeper with time.  Melted ice and snow puddles have left behind stains and discoloration.  Now you are looking at your once beautiful hardwood floors and wondering when and how this happened.  Thankfully, damage done to your floor can be corrected, but the amount of work and money required depends on how much damage has been done and how long it has been left unattended.  Knowing exactly what needs to be done, what to use both in product and machinery, and the time and effort used to make these repairs can be overwhelming and is often best left to experienced professionals who will know how to expertly repair your hardwood flooring.

Dave’s Floor Sanding has been in business for over 35 years.  Not only that, but our customer service representatives have decades of actual field experience and can easily help direct you to the best solution for any problem you are having.  We have the equipment and the know-how to provide an environment of safety for our workers and for your family as well.

From our customer service reps to our flooring contractors, Dave’s Floor Sanding’s team of experts will work together with you to give you an outcome that will make you, your budget, and your floors happy and put the spring back in your step!

Spring Floor Care: Squeaky Floors

As spring brings with it the first robin and the sweet singing of a variety of birds in the trees, it also brings with it a sound that we really don’t want to hear…..that irritating floor squeak.   How did this happen?  Why does one part of the kitchen have a squeak but the one in the living room doesn’t sound the same.  What is going on with the flooring?

You may begin to notice these squeaks during seasonal changes as humidity level fluctuations naturally cause contracting and expanding of your wood floors.  The transition from the furnace being on and causing the air to be dry to the moisture that spring brings, causes fine cracks to develop.  Then add in spring and its moisture that enters into the wood, causing the wood to swell and the floor boards to rub together giving you that dreaded squeak.  You will notice it again when the wood begins to dry out which loosens the nails and the boards begin to move back and forth.  This accounts for the regular squeak you hear.  

One of the best ways to alleviate these sounds is to make the necessary repairs to your flooring and possibly your subflooring.  Contacting a reputable flooring contractor who can come to your home and evaluate the sounds of your flooring and offer solutions is important due to the fact that this is something you really don’t want to do yourself.  Using the wrong product or equipment can cause further damage that can cost you much more in the long run.

This is why it’s a good idea to leave this to the professionals, like our team at Dave’s Floor Sanding.  We have heard every squeak your flooring can make and know exactly what to do to take care of it.  From the knowledge and expertise, to the equipment, we can get the job done for you and can work within your budget.  We will gladly discuss all options, even giving you a written estimate that will not change during the course of the work.

So, leave it to our professionals.  Let us do the work so the only “music” you hear coming from your home is the one you are playing and not your hardwood flooring.

Spring Floor Care: Dull and Discolored Floors

While doing spring cleaning this year you may have noticed that in some rooms of your home the hardwood flooring has begun to appear discolored or dull, with some areas darker than others or the flooring even changing color completely.  Don’t panic!  This occurrence doesn’t always mean something bad has happened.

Discoloration can sometimes be attributed to the finish that was used on the wood itself.  Some start out as one color and because of the aging process different colored hues are brought out.    There are also different types of wood where the color will change over the years, such as a cherry wood.  This is not a problem with the wood or the finish or even how it was applied, it can be a natural process.

However, discoloration can also occur if the curtains or drapes are left open during the day and the direct sunlight remains on the wood for a period of time.  Area rugs can also cause the floor underneath it to be lighter than the rest due to the lack of light.  Sometimes your flooring can become dull or discolored simply due to the fact that a good sealer was not used initially.

If you are having problems with discoloration or a dull finish, talking with an experienced professional is a good place to start.  Our experts at Dave’s Floor Sanding have the knowledge of wood and their finishes and what can cause your floors to become discolored and dull.  After determining the source of the problem, we will explain in detail the repair process and even how to prevent it in the future.  Allow our knowledgeable staff to help you to recapture your floor’s beauty and to protect your investment.

Spring Floor Care: Dents and Dings

Spring, for many people, brings thoughts of spring cleaning.  Some even go so far as to give each room a fresh makeover by not only deep cleaning but by rearranging the furniture.  As you dive into the task at hand and move pieces of furniture you may notice something that makes you want to put it right back where it came from….the dent.

Furniture can be rough on hardwood floors.  Most damage does occur when furniture is pushed or dragged across the room.  Plopping down on the sofa or easy chair every night causes the protective finish on your flooring to wear off which can then lead to scratches, dents, and dings in the wood itself.  Adding to that high traffic areas, heavy pots and pans or dishes falling off the counter, and life in general, damage can and will occur, but you don’t have to live with it.

While the first thought may be simply leaving any damage done to your flooring for a later time or putting a rug over it, this will not take care of the problem and can actually do more damage if not taken care of properly with the right product and equipment.  To preserve the beauty and durability of your flooring and to extend its life expectancy it is always best to take care of problems as soon as they occur.  But if you have found some hidden issues, you don’t have to live with them.

Our experienced flooring contractors at Dave’s Floor Sanding have been repairing, installing, and refinishing hardwood flooring for residential homes and commercial buildings for over 35 years.  We have the knowledge and the up-to-date equipment to get the job done effectively and efficiently so you and your budget are satisfied.

Allow our expert flooring contractors at Dave’s Floor Sanding to give your hardwood flooring a makeover this spring so both your flooring and your furniture can work beautifully together once again!

Spring Floor Care: Winter take a toll on your hardwood? Dave’s Floor Sanding Has the Answer

The minute the warm weather of spring enters the picture our thoughts turn to cleaning as the house has been closed up all winter long.  We think about washing the curtains, wiping down the walls, and cleaning the windows (inside and out).  But does spring bring thoughts to you about your hardwood flooring?

There are so many factors that contribute to the demise of your hardwood floor.  Winter salt, melted ice and snow along with humidity changes in your home all can add up to causing your flooring to not only lose its luster and durability but can take years off of its life expectancy.

Our team at Dave’s Floor Sanding want to help you care for your wood floors so they can maintain the beauty you envisioned for your home.  We understand that our job is not just the physical task, but it is also in educating you about the project from beginning to end.  Detailed, written price quotes are done in every job, and you can be assured they will not change in the middle of the work.  From our customer service representatives to our flooring contractors, we know exactly what needs to be done and use the correct equipment to do it.  In using products and equipment we follow manufacturer’s guidelines every time so you get exactly the outcome you are expecting from them.

Whether it is a new flooring installation, a few minor repairs, or a complete job of refinishing, big or small, we treat you, your family, and your home with the respect it deserves.  While you do the rest of the home’s spring cleaning, allow us to take care of your hardwood flooring needs so you can cross that one off of your list.